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Reverbnation Warning to musicians: Number one music .com is a SCAM

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Warning to musicians: Number one music .com is a SCAM


Who'd have thought being a musician on the internet would make one so vulnerable?
Two years ago, I posted the following words onto another online blog. Since then, it's been my most viewed blog post to date and has provoked alot of reaction, not to mention gratitude... so I figured, why not also post it here also?  It is after all, music related and serves as a warning to others.

"I joined very innocently a few days ago, thinking it was more or less on the same lines as myspace or reverbnation - just another place online to put your links and music, but was then taken back by the amount of email addresses signing up to the "mailing list," as well as with the sheer volume of plays the music was apparently receiving.
It was insinuated that because I had a free account, I would need to review other bands in order to get any further promotional privileges and that the free promotion works from a 'word of mouth' basis.

'Fair enough' I thought... so I requested to become a 'reviewer' and to be sent an email about it. After no email arrived and no indication was found on how long it would take to receive the email, I thought I would try to contact them to ask.

It was when they were asking me to type my user name and password into the contact form that I began suspecting the website's legitimacy. By this I mean that rather than the usual privacy dots that occur when you type in your password online - my real password was completely visible.... ???

eg. Rather than: ******** it came up as 'PASS9876'.

Why would they need to know my actual password just so I could contact them?
No one asks for your physical password outright do they???

It was at this point I became extremely suspitious and decided to do a quick google search on "" which resulted in number of telling forum threads:

...amongst other numerous blogs detailing their personal experiences with

Virtually, 99% of the people online are detailing many logical reasons as to why is a scam website.
It seems they are very cleverly deceiving people into 'buying in' (literally) to the flattering statistics/reviews/commentary, and that the people joining the mailing list are real, genuine fans....
It appears as though employ a crafty mix of computer generated comments/reviews, with some non-computer generated fraudulent humans, and that the combination of both seems genuine enough to trick people into parting with their money.... so much so that amongst the angry people that are speaking out about the website - there are others who are so convinced that their money has been well spent and that both the contacts and flattering comments they get are real - that they are defending to the death!

There seems to have been alot of musicians out there that have trusted and invested money into that have been completely ripped off.

The scary thing is that alot of these forum thread date back to 2006, and the most recent ones I can find are to 2010.
It has been suggested that the website was closed down for a while and is now back up and running... but how have they managed to stay online for this amount of time? It just serves to illustrate how careful and you need to be on the internet. Apparently a degree of suspicion and a touch of cynicism can be a healthy thing to have when dealing with companies online. 

In my personal experience, I only joined a matter of days and have a free link back to my website and my details uploaded online... they haven't taken my money, but I am now wondering what exactly they have achieved through me signing up and not paying out?

I can't find anyone online who raised the 'contact / password revealing' issue.... and am therefore wondering what they might get from knowing my password...? Perhaps they want to use my profile account details to falsely sign me up to other people's mailing lists? Probably, they'll spam my email address too?

Besides which, I intend to boycott the website out of principle anyway... my profile on there now only serves to make the whole thing appear more legitimate and convincing, thus contributing to the deceit.
The problem is that there appears to be no obvious way that enables me to close the account, therefore, I'm just going to use the account itself to inform people that it is a scam.

I should also mention that the reason I found to begin with was through a myspace contact who was paying a compliment and referencing a specific song on our profile. I know that half of myspace mail tends to be spam anyway, but as the comment seemed human and that genuine compliments are commonplace, I had no reason to doubt it. Silly me."

Please pass on this information to all other musicians out there....

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