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Reverbnation Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

Friday, October 19, 2012

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane?

 Girl From Winter Jargon covers, "I've Written a Letter to Daddy" taken from the 1960's film "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane, starring Bette Davis...

Direct Link:

Just for a bit of fun, thought I would attempt to sync the original footage with my cover of "I've written a letter to daddy."  It was never going to go seamlessly as both versions are at completely different speed as well as time signatures. It looks a bit like Bette Davis is miming to my own voice, which amuses me a great deal.  Here's hoping I don't get shot down by anyone who feels I may have butchered a classic.

 The audio cover version of this song can be downloaded for free here: 

 Performed live at Gluefactory, The Fishtank, Durham, UK by Girl From Winter Jargon, and recorded at the sound desk by

Love and a big banana,

Girl From Winter Jargon

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