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Girl From Winter Jargon
Reverbnation Free Download of Girl From Winter Jargon gig - playing support for The Lovely Eggs

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Free Download of Girl From Winter Jargon gig - playing support for The Lovely Eggs

BBC Radio Broadcasts and Free Live Set Download
Reverbnation almost duplicate mail out...  because I'm feeling lazy right now okay...?

  Winter Jargon

Durham, UK
Rock / Indie / Grunge / Dark Cabaret / Punk Cabaret
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Why hello there....!

It seems that I haven't sent out any badgering emails via the mailing list in a while, so I thought it might be time to come out of my shell and be sociable for once...  (well... in the online sense at least.)

 Okay, so a couple of things...

 Firstly...  Girl From Winter Jargon Plays Support for The Lovely Eggs...

Girl From Winter Jargon supports The Lovely Eggs

Indeed, I was quite over the moon to be playing with BBC 6 music favourites and Gryff Rhys (Super Furry Animals) produced duo - The Lovely Eggs - earlier this month. One half of The Lovely Eggs was formerly in all girl 90's indie band, Angelica - whom I just so happened to adore in my late teens. So of course, I brought all my Angelica cd's to be signed didn't I?  Like you do.   

Anyway...    the lovely people at Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms were kind enough to record (most) of my live set once again, so I have uploaded it for free listening and free downloading for anyone who wants to do either of those things...

See below for a listen. 

Please also consider downloading this set.  Anyone who does will also receive a bonus track, "Distinctly Average..."

This set is pretty raw, rough and ready, as live music...   (and especially if it's me performing) does tend to be...
I used my looper and ebow for the first time too...

Anyone living locally to me should check out Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms in Durham. (The guys who hosted The Lovely Eggs gig and recorded the Girl From Winter Jargon Set) 
If you're a musician or in a band, they provide rehearsal space, and recording studios and will even record your band rehearsal for a small fee if you want a decent recording of yourselves but are a tad strapped for cash.

Secondly...     Winter Jargon on BBC Radio!

Winter Jargon on BBC Radio

Indeed, a bunch of Winter Jargon songs were played on UK BBC local Radio (Newcastle and Tees) last month...

The broadcasts are offline on the BBC website now, but you can still listen to them again here:

Or just click play on the media player below if you're flashy...

and secondly...  

So yeah...    I believe I've said everything I wanted to say now...

I hope everyone I'm sending this to is fine and beano...   love to you all and happy listening.

 Girl From Winter Jargon


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"They've been described as a collaboration between muse and tori amos, and have drawn sound comparisions to PJ Harvey, Nirvana and The Dresden Dolls. - Sounds good to me!"  Nick Roberts, BBC Radio Newcastle

""What You Are" is really a killer song, with its thunder-rolling chorus, tension and explosive guitar solo. The singer's voice and guitar chops rival those of the early Matt Bellamy."  Bad Maxton

"I love it when girls can rip on the guitar without shredding...that's true talent."  Lynnay


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