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Reverbnation Gluefactory Presents The Lovely Eggs with support from Girl From Winter Jargon

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Gluefactory Presents The Lovely Eggs with support from Girl From Winter Jargon

Gluefactory presents The Lovely Eggs: Friday, 4 May 2012, The Fishtank, Durham, UK

'via Blog this'

"Gluefactory is proud to welcome 6 Music faves The Lovely Eggs back to The Fishtank as they criss-cross the country celebrating the release of new single Food (out May 14th on Cherryade). Woohoo!
Also providing aural delight on the evening is The Girl From Winter Jargon. Yay!
Entry £5 / Gluefactory follows with dancing 'til late. Alright!"

Girl From Winter Jargon supports "The Lovely Eggs"

I am suitably over the moon to be supporting "The Lovely Eggs" next month.

Here is the Video for "Allergies" by The Lovely Eggs, featuring Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals...

For those who don't know, one half of The Lovely Eggs - Holly Ross - was formerly the singer / guitarist in all-girl indie group, Angelica.

And, as those who know me will know - I was (and still am) quite a fan of Angelica. They did afterall provide me with a pleasing alternative to other all-girl groups who existed back in the mid 90's... ahem.

Angelica were also pretty much the first band I'd ever heard of at that point who not only wrote their own songs, played their own instruments and sang songs about cutting off people's heads (!) - but more importantly - did all of the above whilst being entirely female!

I realise of course through having a wider knowledge of bands and musicians now than I did back then, that there are actually plenty of female musicians that exist in bands that I simply never knew about at the time. Nowadays, with the likes of Warpaint existing, and the editors of major music magazines being female - it's all fairly commonplace and female musicians do what they like without feeling as though they need to prove a point or compete with male counterparts. Indeed it doesn't really matter about what gender a musician is, so long as you like the way they sound, right?

But speaking from the point of view of a teenage girl in the 90's -who went to guitar shops for replacement strings only to be asked "if i realised that the thinnest string is usually the first to break", or indeed - who went on to form Winter Jargon only to receive back handed compliments on my guitar playing from male guitarists from other bands, such as- "You know you're not bad for a girl..." - bands like Angelica were a shining beacon of hope!

But enough about the past already... The Lovely Eggs are also very good, and are particularly excellent for anyone who enjoys surreal and hilarious indie punk-pop from a married couple with fabulous, almost matching haircuts!!!

The Lovely Eggs are set to play The Fishtank next month in Durham on Friday the 4th of May. Tickets are £5

Hosted by the lovely people at the Rocking Horse Rehearsal Rooms

Post Haste: Download Girl From Winter Jargon's Support Set from The Lovely Eggs gig here!

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