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Girl From Winter Jargon
Reverbnation 2012 Review... My futile attempt to sustain interest.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

2012 Review... My futile attempt to sustain interest.

Dearest Earth,

Not much to report right now. My ear canals are currently inflamed. Will this suffice?

Funnily enough I just sent out a few mailing list courtesy emails promising people that I wouldn't "be one of those annoying people that oversend mail outs in an attempt to sustain interest when there's actually nothing to report".

Oh the hypocrisy?  

Girl From Winter Jargon
Supporting "The Lovely Eggs"

Well I suppose the difference is that people choose to read blogs as of when they want to but on the other hand, they have little control over email inbox congestion. In other words I feel I have achieved justification to myself at least - especially seeing as though my last post was in October.

It's been a pretty good year though - supporting the Lovely Eggs and getting most of "The Aftermath" played on BBC Tees and Newcastle being the more obvious highlights.

Next year I hope to at least make a start on recording new material and releasing something or other, whether this be an actual album or a mini project of sorts.

For some time now there's been ten specific songs I've selected which are amongst my favourites of all the songs I've written. What I really, really want to do is record them and immortalise them as tracks.

I also want to make some changes on the website and begin a transition which quite frankly, has been a long, LONG time coming.

Gigantic.   A big, big, love.

Girl From Winter Jargon says 'hello'

Girl From Winter Jargon 

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