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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'll sing anything...

(This is actually from an email I just sent out to all ReverbNation Subscribers...  If you want to opt in with all that lot, please do sign up here: Mailing List

Dearest lovely person on this subscriber list,

It seems like a ridiculously long time since I've sent anything out on here.
I have two things to tell you. (Please stick around long enough to hear the second thing - or if you're like me and your attention span isn't all that great, then just scroll down the page - I won't be offended.)

The first thing...

I am painstakingly putting together an album at a local studio.
Teeny, tiny snippets of all my home demo's in preparation for said album can be heard in various places in cyberspace, namely;

My Audio Bones Part Two (Bandcamp)
My Audio Bones Part One (Bandcamp)
Audio Bones Part One  (Reverbnation)
Audio Bones Part One  (Reverbnation)
Audio Bones Part One  (Reverbnation)
Audio Bones Part Two  (Soundcloud)
Audio Bones Part One  (Soundcloud)

The second thing...

While the first thing is still in progress, I am amusing myself with a little side project I like to call the "Bad Cover Versions" project.
This is essentially where you, your friend, your grandmother or other person sends in a request for me to sing something. It can be as ridiculous (or not ridiculous) as you want and I'll consider pretty much anything. (See Pet Shop Boys cover below as suggested by Tim Coid of North East Unsigned Radio)

Here are other examples of bad cover version requests;
Youtube Bad Cover Request Playlist (To Date)
Where You Lead - Carol King (Gilmore Girls Themetune)
Material Girl - Madonna
Disarm - Smashing Pumpkins
Do You Want To Build A Snowman? - Frozen
Suburbia - Pet Shop Boys
Bloopers / Outakes ie Me being an idiot.
Anxiety - The Chapman Family
True Love Waits - Radiohead

I'll sing anything...

If you'd like to request something you can contact me at: or at one of the following places;

Thanks so much to everyone who (even partially) reading this,
Lots of love,

Girl From Winter Jargon

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