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Reverbnation The Chapman Family - Anxiety (Bad Cover Version)

Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Chapman Family - Anxiety (Bad Cover Version)

The Chapman Family

So...  although no one actually requested I cover "Anxiety" by The Chapman Family, I wanted to do it anyway on account of the fact that the 26 / 07 / 14 was the one year anniversary of their splitting up and their final gig at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton.

I got into The Chapman family at rather a late stage, seeing them live twice - both times at The Georgian Theatre, Stockton in 2013. What I really liked about them was their energy and stage presence. I think they were one of those bands who needed to be seen in a live context in order to fully appreciate them.

Anxiety is probably my favourite song by The Chapman Family. Online resources indicate to me that The Chapman Family were not that into other bands and artists so who knows what they'll make of this cover, should they ever even see it?

Request a bad cover version here:

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