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Girl From Winter Jargon
Reverbnation Girl From Winter Jargon @ Studio - (Bass Parts 12.2.14 Durham)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Girl From Winter Jargon @ Studio - (Bass Parts 12.2.14 Durham)

 Dear earth,

I am very pleased to say that I have begun recording my actual proper studio album.
All the Bass parts are going first.
Here are a bunch of photos which summarise what happened yesterday... (12/2/14)

That's me on the right and "the other Rachel" on the left who is working very hard to get all my bass parts sounding nice. She also lets me know when I'm going overboard with the super-glue - which is in fact, very helpful.

This is the studio's Yamaha Bass. We are now very well acquainted and I have decided to name him, "Wilson" 

A couple of Smurfs that live inside the actual studio.

A bunch of haziness...

Girl From Winter Jargon @ Studio

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