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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Hello Earth,

This is the new mailing list for Winter Jargon.

Email for bands

I shall be adding to the Winter Jargon website soon, and probably most other Winter Jargon related places too...

Better still, signing up for this second one enables an exclusively free download of 'Goodbye' - a song which features on 'The Aftermath' album by Winter Jargon.

My 'hoo-rah's' must be credited to ReverbNation for these lovely 'mailing list and free song providing' widgets.

There we are...

I thought reverbnation was like a less popular version of myspace. It turns out I was wrong. It does in fact have some very useful features.
Myspace was once great but is literally going down the toilet now that it's had it's social networking capabilities stolen by the dreadful, soul-less beast that is facebook...

Speaking of which...


Not my finest moment I must admit. Thankfully, I have other people running it on my behalf so that I don't have to personally endure any of the attention seeking public airing of dirty laundry that goes on there...

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